The Journey Begins

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Today is the day I officially “open” for business!

Funny, that in all the years I’ve navigated through child rearing, changing careers, continuing education or supporting others in opening or growing their own businesses…

I never, EVER imagined opening a business of my own. It didn’t appear on the many vision boards I’ve created in various women’s workshops. It hasn’t been a life long dream or something I pondered for years. 

That said, I remember clearly the night it DID happen. 

While discussing our “life’s next chapter” and brainstorming ideas at my neighbor’s house this past January, the idea presented itself.  We toasted to it and even took a IMG_5130 2picture!  (One thing I do VERY well, is surround myself with extraordinary people.)

The next day, I registered for an on-line certification program. I started talking to people. I got feedback from trusted friends and former colleagues. I researched, learned and listened. 

The next thing I knew, I was at the attorney’s office registering with the Secretary of State as an LLC.  

IMG_4127The official letter came yesterday. 

As I say on my website,, a common theme in my life has been that I have been a strong supporter of the underdog.  When I say underdog, I don’t just mean the impoverished or disenfranchised – I mean the little guy. The team in last place. The car with 250K miles. The Community Bank. The small business trying to compete with big corporations.  

Which are all reasons why I am here.

I get excited and inspired by watching the trends in large companies heading towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  At the same time, I see that small businesses are struggling to maintain similar philanthropic endeavors while keeping employee engagement high. 

HR leaders or Marketing Supervisors are often tapped to take on the function of “community outreach coordinator”.  These big-hearted employees have great intentions but not the time.  

When small companies aren’t looking strategically at their CSR Plan, they miss the opportunity to both do-good and improve their bottom line. These thoughtful ambitions keep getting pushed to the bottom of the pile. Moved on the calendar to next month… Next quarter… You get the drift. 

That’s where I can help.

I will collaborate with small businesses to strategically plan their CSR program. I can help to define giving and engagement opportunities that align with their business goals. Together, we can match them with local non-profits and community partners, as well as measure their impact.

Thank you for listening and I hope you’ll follow me in this next chapter! 

Oh, and follow me on twitter too.  Unknown-4

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GOOD for Business, LLC will donate a percentage of our fees to The Institute of Living’s Treatment Programs for Children & Adolescents. We know all too well the problems that can stem from undiagnosed mental health issues. These programs enable mental-health professionals to work with parents and educators in order to support young people with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. This early intervention results in more well-adjusted students and steers them to a path of leading a successful life.


12 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. Marie- this is awesome and good for you! I would love to hear more about what your doing and see if we might have some synergy. Please keep me in the loop. I will spread the word!
    Chris Steiner


  2. Oh Marie.. how exciting for you!! Congratulations !!! I loved reading your story and whoever works with you will be blessed.
    Good luck in your launch and may you find success in your new chapter.


  3. This is awesome. Never an easy thing to do, starting your own business. The RodMEN are very proud of you.


    1. Thanks Chris! Hoping that the stars align and I’ll find a good “corporate match/partner” for important and necessary programs for the children in your district!! I say it all the time – you social workers are angels on earth. Thank you for all you do. XO


  4. Huge congratulations Marie, so happy for you and your fabulous new chapter, wishing you an abundance of success- whoop to you, loved reading this!


  5. Congratulations Marie! I love your story and your mission! I commend you for donating a percentage of your fees to The Institute of Living’s Treatment Program for Children and Adolescents. IOL is part of my family’s journey, and we are forever grateful to them for helping our son! I also applaud you for modeling what Corporate Social Responsibility looks like, by donating to a worthy cause in our community! I know that you will be successful with your endeavor!


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Linda! Stories like yours, ours and SO many others led me to choose this cause in particular. Your children were blessed with parents that were able to not only support them emotionally, but financially as well. It breaks my heart that due to socio-economic status, children and adolescents may not get the necessary support. Hope to see you soon in one of our regular stops! 🙂


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